The Most Dangerous Trail in The World

You have heard of some pretty intense and insane trails, but none that are quite as strenuous as the one you are about to read up on now. Imagine Antarctica, possibly the single most barren, lifeless and overall dangerous place in the world. One would never think to go there on anything other than a guided tour, but sixty people decided that they wanted to brave the harshest cold imaginable for the race of a lifetime. The runners were from all over the world, and they were quite excited to be racing amidst penguins, polar bears and the like.

The race took place over six days, with each day consisting of a short, looped course. This was preferable to a long, marathon type event because such things are just not possible in Antarctica. After all, there are a lot of dangerous obstacles that could get in your way, with a lot of these obstacles proving to be entirely unpredictable. Indeed, Antarctica proved to be such treacherous terrain that certain sections of the race actually ended up getting cancelled which proved to be a huge problem for everyone involved. However, the racers persevered, preferring to keep going rather than stop halfway through.

The courses were planned around research stations so that the racers would not end up in a tight spot. After all, the weather in Antarctica is so unpredictable that anything could happen at any time, and if the worst occurred the racers would have to be escorted to safety as quickly as possible. The fact that this race was such an international event made it easier for this kind of cooperation to occur, because representatives from each country would end up contacting one another and ensuring that lodging and safety would be provided to each participant in the race. Apart from that many runners have medical issues like having Bunions. If there are runners with bunion problems then they need the top running shoes for bunions to make the trial run.

One of the most strenuous aspects of the race was how mentally exhausting it was. You never really knew how long a course would last, with some being finished in eight hours and others taking up to twelve hours to complete. When you don’t really know how far a race is going to go, you would have a rather difficult time being as fast as possible. After all, you would need to know how far you are going to have to sprint until you can get rest if you want to start sprinting at all.

One thing is for sure, though; this race took runners through some stunningly beautiful terrain. The terrain was so gorgeous in fact that it made everything seem a lot easier than it would have been otherwise. While it is true that these racers had to go through some of the toughest conditions of their lives, it is also true that they had a much easier time of it because of the fact that they were able to see so much natural beauty. Most people think of Antarctica as a wasteland; it is pretty clear that this is not the case at all.